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MARRC was launched in July 2009. It grew out of the New Arrivals Research Network (NARN) which social scientists at Flinders University set up to share information about current research on refugees and migrants who have newly arrived in Australia. MARRC is a more broadly focused research cluster which includes researchers interested in current migration flows as well as in the longer-term causes and consequences of earlier flows that formed Australia as a migrant country.


Julie Robinson, coordinator of NARN, set out the background of MARRC in a recent presentation at the University of Malmö in Sweden. Download pdf


South Australia has been a special focus of interest of Flinders researchers. This reflects our approach to conducting research in close engagement with stakeholders and communities in which we operate. South Australia has a rich migrant history and has been increasing and diversifying its migrant intake in recent years. New migrant communities are emerging with needs, interests, perspectives and contributions that may differ from well-established ones. Older migrant communities are facing new challenges around ageing, retirement, and changing ties with transnational families. Concepts of citizenship, integration, inclusion and multiculturalism must be re-examined in response to social and policy changes.


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