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Human development in the context of movement within and across national boundaries

Newsletter October 2009

ISSBD Directory of Researchers and Projects

The directory will be available online as soon as it has been finalised in January 2010. If you would like to be included in this directory please contact to request a pro forma to submit your details.


As a complementary resource to the ISSBD Asia-Pacific Workshop, the Organising Committee has begun to compile a comprehensive Directory of Researchers and Research. This innovative reference work identifies individual researchers and organisations in Australia and overseas who are working on aspects of human development related to migrant and refugee issues, including the realities of living in a country other than one’s birthplace.

The Directory is not limited to researchers attending the ISSBD workshop. It maps a wide range of research across the world.  It provides both a snap-shot of current research and indications of future plans.

Significantly, the Directory highlights the willingness of researchers to link with new partners and connect with new projects.


The Directory can be consulted to find details of

  • Researchers, with institutional affiliation and contact details
  • Areas of research supervision
  • Current Projects
  • Planned projects
  • Possibilities for new collaborations


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